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Eleectric sheet metal gripper

Electric Sheet Metal Gripper
Electric sheet metal gripper is accomplished with sensors on transfer press system, electric sheet metal gripper is a kind of transfer tooling aimed at press sheet metals  into a fixed shape on progressive die. 
Electric sheet metal grippers transfer inward to grip the sheet metal parts, lift the parts vertically, indicate them to the next position and then placed the parts onto the die.
Grippers No. Electric Sheet Metal Gripper
Opening & Closing Angle Top Jaw Opening:           75°      45°     30°      
Bottom Jaw Opening:         0°         0°      0°
Clamping Force 650.0 N (at 5 bar)
Handle (ф) mm 30.0
Material Aluminium & Steel
Masse about 0.5 kg
Air Ports G 1/8
Operating Pressure Maximum 6.0 bar
Different opening angles of electric sheet metal gripper depends on different shapes of sheet metal.
Electric Sheet Metal Gripper

Applications of Electric Sheet Metal Gripper
Electric sheet metal gripper is designed for auto parts pressing on progressive die. Electric sheet metal gripper is shown here with simple design, standard size, and flexible assembly.
Electric Sheet Metal Gripper
1.40% cost saving at least compared with Destaco, Phd, Misati, and Norgen.
2. 6 million times strict tests for Brisk grippers.
3. 3-7 days delivery on most gripper for transfer die stamping.
4. Special grippers can be made according to the customers requirments.

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