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Flexible Finger Tooling On Press Transfer System

Finger tooling on press transfer system is supposed to pick up, place, hold and release sheet metals moving to new positions for further processing. Brisk automation supplies several types of finger tooling for auto parts.
Finger Tooling
Finger Tooling No. BSK-GPS11-D
Opening Angle Top Jaw Opening:   75°   45°  30°
Bottom Jaw Opening: 0°    0°    0°
Clamping Force  650.0 N 
Handle (ф) mm 30.0
Material Aluminium & Steel
Masse 0.49 kg
Air Ports G 1/8
Operating Pressure Max.6.0 bar
Different opening angles of flexible finger tooling on press transfer system, depends on different shapes of sheet metals

Finger Tooling

Brisk flexible finger tooling can help you get the maximum productivity on press transfer system, materials, auto parts, and semi-finished products are physically moved to new locations for further processing.

1. 40% cost saving at least compared with Destaco, Phd, Misati, and Norgen.
2. 6 million times strict tests for Brisk grippers.
3. 3-7 days delivery on most gripper for flexible finger tooling on press transfer system.
4. Special grippers can be made according to the customer's requirments.

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