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Work-holding Sheet Metal Gripper

Work-holding Sheet Metal Gripper
Brisk helps you move auto parts faster in today's high-speed automation by work-holding sheet metal grippers.
Sheet Metal Gripper No. Work-holding Sheet Metal Gripper
Opening & Closing Angle Top Jaw Opening:          75°       45°     30°      
Bottom Jaw Opening:        0°          0°      0°
Clamping Force  650.0 N (at 5 bar)
Handle (ф) mm 30.0
Material Aluminium & Steel
Masse 0.52 kg
Air Ports G 1 / 8
Operating Pressure Maximum 6.0 bar
Modular tooling connection with work-holding sheet metal gripper

Applications of Work-holding Sheet Metal Gripper
Work-holding sheet metal gripper is shown here with simple design, standard size, and flexible assembly.  It is designed for auto parts pressing holding sheet metals on progressive die.

1. 40% cost saving at least compared with Destaco, Phd, Misati, and Norgen.
2. 6 million times strict tests for Brisk grippers.
3. 3-7 days delivery on most gripper for work-holding sheet metal gripper.
4. Special work-holding sheet metal grippers can be made according to the customer's requirments.

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