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Sheet Metal Gripper

Sheet metal gripper is a kind of transfer tooling aimed at press sheet metals into a fixed shape on tranfser press die. Brisk automation supplies several types of sheet metal grippers for auto parts on transfer die.
Sheet Metal Gripper No. BSK-GPS11-B
Opening Angle Top Jaw Opening:   75°   45°  30°
Bottom Jaw Opening: 0°     0°    0°
Clamping Force Of Sheet Metal Gripper 650.0 N (at 5 bar)
Handle (ф) mm 30.0
Material Aluminium & Steel
Masse 0.48 kg
Air Ports G 1/8
Operating Pressure Maximum 6.0 bar
Sheet metal gripper offers easy and quick transform of transfer tooling to improve productivity and efficiencies in sheet metal stamping operation.

sheet metal gripper
Sheet metal gripper is compact in design and light-weight used on transfer press systems which allows it to be handled and installed easily.
sheet metal gripper

Advantages of sheet metal grippers:
1. 6 million times strict tests for Brisk sheet metal grippers.
2. 3-7 days delivery on most sheet metal grippers.
3. 40% cost saving at least compared with Destaco, Phd, Misati, and Norgen.
4. Special grippers can be made according to the customer's requirments.

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